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Related post: Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 21:54:39 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant Retrainer - Chapter 8 & 9These are the 8th and 9th chapters of The Reluctant Retrainer - part two of a trilogy of novels of gay sex.Keywords: authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story is entirely a work of fiction and all rights to it and its characters are copyright and private to and reserved by the author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If you are underage to read this kind of material or if this material will be unlawful for you to read where your live, please leave his webpage now.Contact points: eMail: gerrytaylor78hotmail.com Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Erotic_Gay_StoriesThe Reluctant Retrainer by Gerry TaylorChapter 8 -- Love unendingOctober was a great month slave-wise. Saying October might give the impression of autumn leaves and the like, but no. In the Dahran Desert, it was merely a change of temperature, a couple of degrees down from unbearable heat, to a more bearable heat and a more frequent sight of clouds.The Swedes were pulling more than their weight in underage watersports the fields. Each of Aziz's household slaves were doing well. Flavio the Italian was producing a range of evening dinners which had not been repeated in a month. Food and Drink were their usual joyful selves. Any day at the Bank which was stressful, I would call them both to bed and in ten minutes they would have me on another planet.Before artistic underage nude bedding Radek, Yuriy's lover, I asked Yuriy if that was ok with him. With a grin, he replied only if he could come along as well! That in fact was a memorable night. Radek's drum tightness had disappeared, clearly under Yuriy's nightly attentions, but his anal clenching and relaxation techniques had to underage modeling be experience to be believed.I joked with Yuriy that it was a wonder he could get up in the morning at all. He laughed and although he playfully slapped Radek's butt, the sheer love in his eyes for his lover showed a sharing of soul which few ever achieve in a lifetime.Two of the most content slaves were Dumi the Moldavian, who just loved working in the fields and seemed to get an inexhaustible level of work done. He just loved growing things. His love was Rolf, who was in charge of the gym and exercise area. Rolf's bubble butt, as our American cousins would call it, was so classical that all the textbooks could have been destroyed and just by looking at Rolf's butt, a perfection description and portrait could have been made of it again.Rolf and Dumi never expressed an emotion for each other in public. Mention Dumi to Rolf and two pink spots would appear in the middle of his cheeks. However, at night their love making would go on long after all others had gone to sleep on their pallets snuggled up to their own lovers and companions. Maybe it was their stamina -- Dumi perfectly exercised body in the fields and Rolf's continually exercised body in the gym. But that of course, is my opinion hardcore teen underaged and I am clearly jealous of those whose nightly stamina can hold the world at bay for over two hours after a long day's work.It was during this month of October that Ross said something to me one night in bed to the effect that he had never been happier in his entire life. It sort of came out of the blue. I had asked him if he wanted to bring Vitali, his Russian lover up to the room, but he said `No, Boss, if that's alright with you.'Normally Ross for me is a bottom and an excellent one at that. We had had a beautiful posing underage girls session of love-making which went on for over an hour. I was beginning to feel a little tired, but had not come, and a sheen of perspiration was all over my body.Ross did his own peculiar hop, step and jump into the bathroom and out again landing precisely as he was wont to do right down beside me on the bed, and with a dry towel, he took over and told me to lie back.`Yes, sir' I said in mock reply.`Don't get smart, Boss,' he said with his smile to end all smiles, and started to dry me down in a patting motion all over. I closed my eyes underage pregnancies for a minute as he was doing it and then realised he had stopped.On his hunkers beside me, there was Ross tears streaming down his face.For once, I was really alarmed that something was truly wrong. Ross is the eternal happy guy and here he was crying his eyes out.I reached out for him, and looking at me, he said `It's ok, Boss. It's ok. It's just that for the first time in my life I am so so happy.'And then he and I began to laugh.Essentially, his happiness was that now he was answerable to no modelling or call-guy agency, no tax man, no pressures of any sort, with a lover, Vitali, whom he totally adored and who loved him to bits and had no problems about his underage bondage wardrobe or his laundry bill. At this point, he flicked underage naturist his cock and we laughed ourselves into convulsions.`Ross,' I said, `do you know that behind my back the slaves call me `Boss' instead of `Master'? I was wondering where that came from?'`Boss, how on earth would I know that?' preeteen underage boys and again we dissolved into laughter.`Ask,' I said.`What, Boss?'`Whatever you want that I can give you.'`I need nothing, Boss, underage school hotties I am just so happy here at the Aloe Palace. I like helping Aziz when he has language problems with the underage pedo hardcore Swedes. I like teaching English to the few I teach. Now the gardens are a bit of a headache at sexy underage teenies times, but there is nothing you can do about the Dahran sun' and again underage girls naturism he smiled the smile.`Ask,' I repeated.`You are underage cumshot teens serious, Boss?'`Deadly, as they say.'He looked me in the eye and swallowed, and said one word, `Vitali.'`Vitali?'`That Vitali can be mine and mine alone to the exclusion of all others.'`He must be one special guy, Ross.'`You have no idea, Boss, no idea at all just how special he is to me. His one fear is that you will sell underaged girl naked him. You know that you have not bedded him since that first night you assigned the two of us together. He thinks that you don't like him, particularly after the premmie thing and then when you lent him to one of the Swedes.'Ross was referring to an evening some months back when Ross was with me for that night, and also to Vitali's almost drowning me with his premature ejaculation.`Go get him now, Ross.'`Now, Boss? It's late. They will be all asleep.'`Now, Ross. Stop arguing.'Ross sped off and I went into the bathroom for a piss. I was still looking at myself in the mirror after having washed my hands, when the two were back, chests heaving at the race back over the courtyard and up the stairs.Vitali as usually looked his superb fit self, with a penis in total hard-one to give any normal person an inferiority complex. He was the one person I could automatically think of for having an erection, which he most frequently did have, but not any type of erection but one slap bang up against his belly, all 8 inches of it, uncut and almost always wet with precum in his healthy virility.`So, Ross, what have you told him during the mad rush to get up here.'`Nothing, Boss, absolutely nothing. He was sound asleep. I don't think he is even fully awake yet.'`OK, now tell him what you have just told me.'`About what, Boss?'`Don't be stupid, Ross, about him and you.'Looking at Vitali, Ross wet his lips and swallowed and very very slowly, he said `Vitali Belov, I love you. I have loved you underage girls fornication from the very nude underage toons moment I set eyes on you.'Vitali's forehead wrinkled as he did not understand fully what was being said to him. But Ross continued on regardless, standing naked before his love who was still gasping for breath.`I have loved your touch and your breath on my body. I have loved you in me and when I have been porn underaged thumbs one flesh in you and with you. I love your heart of fire and your soul of passion. I love ever inch of your body and from this moment on, I promise I will love you until the day I die.'Vitali finally understood what was happening and stood stock still as a proposal of man to man marriage was stated in the cool evening air of my bedroom. The sky outside the windows was totally black as only desert skies can be, with piercing dots of brilliantly clear stars. They, I thought to myself, are the true and quite witnesses to this underage porn messages proclamation of love.Ross taking his lover's hand said, `Vitali Belov. I love you until the day I die. Will you love me?'Vitali looked at him and very slowly he said, `I love you, Ross, forever' and raising Ross' hand to his lips he kissed and embraced his lover. The two simply clung together for an age.When they finally separated, I told them to get out of the bedroom, and with a dual `Yes, Boss' they walked out hand in hand.After that underage teen thumbnails day, I never asked for either Ross or Vitali again. Who am I to separate two star-crossed lovers even for a night? Chapter 9 -- ProgressIn the weeks following Ross' proposal of marriage to Vitali -- I could think of no other words underage nake dpics to describe it -- I bedded Flavio and Bob on following nights. It was my second time with Flavio since his rectal operation. He seemed a little less tight and said with a smile that Bob had been practising on him.But strangely enough, my sex with Flavio tended to be minimal. He was built like a young bull in the tackle department and I was always a bit uncomfortable with being fucked by very thick cocks. His attitude in this was quite Italian, if it happened, it happened. If it did not, well, it did not.He on the other hand seemed now to genuinely like, at picture underage naked least not to resist, my more modestly endowed member. But what was even underage family nudist more important to me was that with all his Italian fire and mercurial blood, he was submissive to me and my needs, and I loved the feel of his body beside me when he would fall asleep. He was always like a warm furnace, a small Mount Etna, always producing heat.His English had improved immensely due to the classes every evening amazing underage models -- he was in Ross' candid underage class with Radek, Rolf and Yuriy. We talked of food and its preparation, of sauces and underage teens galleries coulis, of soups and fish. In any other setting it would appear strange that two men -- two naked men lying side by side - would have spent late into the night talking haute cuisine. But that was what we did, believe me. I do not lie.Bob, his lover, came to me that week as well. The young Canadian was the youngest by far of all the Caucasian slaves, being barely over twenty. As a Master, I had a very soft spot for Bob. He was the typical alpha-male all guy jock in mentality and outlook. He was the prime alpha-male among the strongly heterosexual males and had a very subtle sense of humour. It had taken underageteenpussy him such a long time to adjust to thinking that he was now the sexual toy of a Master, and living in underage virgin fuck slavedom in the Middle East.His tightness problem had been solved some months previously with double bouts of sex from the larger membered slaves, but now with me again, he was as nervous as if he were a bride on her first night with a new husband.Six foot four if an inch and 90 muscularly fit kilos fuck underaged girls in weight. Forced abstinence from female company must have been hard underage boyz naked on him, underage preeteen sex though he had said he had little practice on females before his `lifting'.`So, you have been practising on underage blondes nude Flavio, I hear.'His face was a picture. It was so easy to confuse him and turn his composure upside down.`He said that Boss?'`Boss? Boss again? What about Master from time to time?' I said jokingly.`Sorry, Boss, I mean, Master. It's just what we say.'`You mean it's what Ross has you saying, is it not?'Again, his face was a picture of confusion. Should he say that it was Ross and incest pedo underage get Ross into trouble? Should he topless underage images try to avoid the question, but being too young could not think of a riposte to deflect it? He could not tell a lie without it underaged illegal porn being written on his face. He did what people frequently do when caught on the horns of a dilemma. He laughed and finally put his head on my chest still laughing.`So, you have been practising on Flavio?'`Yes, Master. Just a little.'Bob was not big in the penis department in any dimension. He was also infertile like Greg my assistant trainer. But that night, I pleasured him as I hit his straight down prostate always as hard a little nut with the precision of a metronome. When I allowed him to finally come it was awesome, and he was a credit to the alpha-male's capacity to produce cum.Bob's work was half in the household under Aziz, my underagebbs head of household. He also had an English class with Ali, Dumi, Jiri and Vitali, and was good underage lab at it, because they were now talking much better English. He also worked in the fields for two to three hours each underaged kds love day, particularly with Jiri and Dumi, with whom he said he got on great.One of the other slaves, underage daughter rape Ali, I took in small doses. He was a Kurd and only about 18 underage chinese teens years old, but his tongue for erotic underage girls rimming would have been a national treasure in any inventory. He was eating this special soup diet of vegetables and vitamins I had put him on when he first came skeletal-like from 13 underage porn Rashid al-Hamdi's palace.So when I had Ali in bed, I always made sure to have his lover Jiri there as well, so that his attention could diverted quickly and easily every time he was about to send me through the ceiling.The small tattoo on his arm reminded me again to have the doctor schedule the new laser treatment for its removal. I like my slaves, as you may have noticed from my way of describing them to be free of blemishes, not just ugly warts on their hands or verrucas on their feet, but moles, tattoos, cysts and anything which takes from the innate and manly beauty of the human body. Why gild the already beautiful, and for the price of a few euro? Why not erase the easily removable ugly for my viewing and personal pleasure? I had also notice that the slaves who had so been cleared of their underage photo blemishes took on a new confidence about themselves.There are Masters, and I have seen them in Dahra, who crush the will of their slaves in one way or another. Some are physically harsh on their slaves. I have head of one Ethiopian who is pumping water from a underage women well for over fifteen years walking round and round a well. He can no longer walk straight or upright.Another Master, a member of a betting group, insists on personally flogging each new factory slave he gets -- and he buys each month. Why? Simply because he can and he says it inflicts such pain and instils such fear in the floggee and in the rest of his worker-slaves that obedience to him is absolute.Such physical punishment for its own sake or out of carelessness, to my mind, is bad and counter-productive at a number of levels.But I think that worst of all is what I would term, mental or psychological punishment, where some Masters give their slaves no encouragement, no pride, no hope, no sense of security and no future to look to.With my various training techniques, born more out underage hardcore videos of need and simple positive underage model illegal productive experience, and honed over the years, excluding the odd couple of days of physical re-training for existing slaves, I rarely if ever have my slaves physically punished. I far far prefer the psychological approach to either plain cruelty, or fuck underage vids bloody minded infliction of pain for its own sake.However, to my mind, the greatest under-utilised tool which the Master has in any household is sex. Plain and simple sex. Well, maybe not so plain and maybe not so simple.I have always thought that sex is a most important factor in the life of a male slave. Not only does the slave think like any healthy man about sex a lot, but being worked hard, exercised hard and on an extremely nutritious, if bland, diet of biscuits, will produce more semen than the more relaxed and sedentary male around.I do equate sex and water. Sex with out and water will flow. Water will flow over a sandy river-bed. If it finds a rock, it will flow over or around it. Sex the same. If it finds an obstacle. It will find a way.In the case of sex among the slaves at the Palace, I have never really regarded it as gay sex, but rather as sex between equals which brings all to the same equality. If all without exception were having sex at the one time, it could not be gay sex, because as voyeur sex underage everyone knows gays are only a minority. Therefore it could not be gay sex, could it?The slaves are milked each morning by their buddy, usually by being sucked off, though a minority prefer simply to be jacked off. Before lights out, all have sex again with their buddy, and after light out they can continue if the buddy so wishes.So in summary, each slave will have sex at least sixty times a month. Ask any man alive underage modell would he be happy with sex sixty times a month, and hairlees underage pussy he is a liar if he comes anywhere near even suggesting a `no'.The second great result of frequently sex as the slaves have is that there is no stigma attached to it. All are milked by a buddy. They do not have to seek out a partner for the day. The partner is there. All see it in the shower or the slave quarters. All enjoy it. Who does not enjoy even a poor blowjob at the very least?The third great advantage underage naked videos for the Palace is that sex soothes and calms. A sexually milked slave is a docile creature, and much less uppity than one who has not had sex in a month.The fourth advantage among others is that sex among slaves is neither straight nor gay. It is simply underage rape porn a function like pissing. All have to engage in at set times, because that is the Palace rule. So even the straightest and most die-hard of heterosexuals will feel no qualm in fucking a buddy or in having to give a buddy a nice back massage in the showers followed by a blowjob or wank, because they know that either following it immediately or the following night, it will be their turn to be passive and to be the centre of attention of their buddy's sexual efforts.The fifth advantage is for me, the Master. When I want to take a slave, there is no misgiving about him having been straight or bi in a previous life -- very few of the slaves at the Palace have been known to me to have been gay from the word go, though some have come in time to realise they were.When that slave is called to my real underage nudes bed, he comes with ease and gladly, in many cases feeling honoured that he has been chosen for the night.Last but least among the advantages is that sex promotes great bonds of friendship, bonding, caring and even love between buddies. Some buddies have never changed partner since their first being allocated one, and that makes as well for a peaceful household.That thought reminded me that the only two of the household slave whom I have never bedded are the two permanent buddies--whom I formerly called the `layabouts'--Mamoud and Mehmed, though I have been strongly of late tempted to get closer to Mamoud for his obvious magnanimity in his dealing with Todd.It was actually in bed one evening having sated my fill with underage russian schoolgirl an ever-and-ever better assed Bob, that I realised that Aziz really had no slave or lover to call his own.And I wondered how Greg, my assistant trainer overseer, was getting on with Jess Tollman, the latest of the slave arrivals to the household.Jess Tollman cut a superb figure of underage site a man-slave, not just fit, well cared for in his body, a nicely growing four to six pack. He had lost his beer- or love-handles some holland porn underage months back and was building up nicely.What Jess lacked was confidence. Confidence in his mind that he could do better than the automotive worker that he had been and paint factory blue collar work that he had done prior to that. But that confidence would come in time as he found his metier at the Palace. At 24 years of underage prone age, he had plenty of time to develop. Now he was assisting Greg, whenever Greg needed help. I got my answer some days later, over a weekend, when looking underage lesbian porn for Greg on some matter I walked over to his overseer's quarters and was about to walk right in, as would have been my right, but by accident looking through the uncurtained window saw Jess Tollman kneeling on the floor in front of Greg who was pissing into his open mouth.When Greg then finished, he gave his little underage girlies flaccid penis to Jess to suck dry and then gave him his butt hole to lick. I am not quite sure if Greg had gone to the toilet before that episode. I just did not wish to think about that. Not my cup of tea, but clearly one very effective way to make a slave submissive. And Jess, the once indomitable American redneck was now quietly kneeling at the feet of an obvious master--not quite a whipped puppy, as he weighed in at 210 lean and muscled pounds of prime American manhood, but a submissive slave.I left underaged naturalism Greg to his training of Jess Tollman, his buddy and assistant in the retraining centre, and to his own devices. To each his own, as they say.Aziz, however, was another problem I wished to solve and was not quite clear how to go about it. But I made a start in requesting the slave dealer at al-Mera to send me his underage naked fuck catalogue--the al-Mera auction being the next one on the calendar.The catalogue was the underage girls nudes usual one. How that trips off littleboy underage gallery the tongue! I have underage bbs darkcollection in fact only seen three, maybe four, such catalogues. This underage nude galleries one was little different to the others, with about 40 or so slaves on offer. A silent prayer of gratitude that there was no Swede on it to have Gustav Ahlson worrying about.I called in underage pictures forum Aziz and asked his opinion that I wanted to buy a new slave for the household. He looked at me and there was a question in the look. He is no one's fool having served the al-Akhri family for over forty of his fifty years.`You know, Aziz, someone who sweet underage girls can help you. You know, share the workload with you. Even your bed.'Heaven knows, I was really waffling.`The Master is not pleased with my work?'It was as near an accusation that an overseer can make to a Master in a simple question.`No, Aziz, the very opposite. I underage blowjob am really pleased with your work and I want to give you a present. I can't give you more clothes or a better ogal as you will not wear them. You have a fly-swish of your authority' -- and he swished it as if in reflex action -- `so I want to give you a companion of your choice.'`The Master does not have to do that.'`Aziz, for the sheikdom's sake, I know that. You know that. Simply choose a slave from the catalogue and it will give me the greatest of pleasure to do it for you.'For the first time since knowing him, I thought I saw a crack in his armour. But, of course, I must have been mistaken, because when I looked again, Aziz was the usual inscrutable Aziz.`And if I do not underage naked girlz see the slave I want in the catalogue, Master?'`Then there is the market underage girls photos auction at al-Qatim in two weeks' time, and again at al-Mera a fortnight after that. Don't worry, Aziz, I am sure that you will see someone who is of interest to you.'It really is at times very difficult to please people you do underage prostitution holland not really know, particularly when the person is in fucking daughter underage fact your slave and the overseer head of your household to boot!Aziz returned the catalogue to me the following morning. There was nothing in it of interest to him. I asked him to tell me what he was looking for and he said enigmatically that he would know when he saw the slave. Talk about frustration!I contacted both dealers at al-Mera and al-Qatim and asked for any extra catalogues they might have.Was I looking for a special or any particular type?No, I pictures underage girls was not -- which was underage nudity movies the truth. Aziz was and he was not saying -- which did not help me. However, six catalogues arrived that afternoon -- three a-piece from each dealer -- though both pointed out that the third catalogue in each case was for the next auction, and the first two being of slaves either not sold pedo underage porno in previous auctions or not really good allegal underage porn enough to be at auction.I flicked through the catalogues, but could see nothing which sex underage free I thought interesting. This sounds so callous when you are looking at the future lives of almost a total of almost 200 slaves from all major parts of the globe.I handed the six catalogues to Aziz that evening. He bowed his usual little bow and went out with them under his arm.Twenty minutes later, he was back. There was a quickness in his step. Could it have been that he had seen some slave or other in the catalogue? But yes, he had. He had seen two. Possibles. Maybe, just maybe.Each catalogue has toplists underage a number of the top of each page and I noted down the two numbers he gave me. Neither slave was at auction, but rather each had been left over from previous auctions. One at al-Mera and one at al-Qatim.Pretending nonchalance, I threw the catalogues on my desk and I said, `Perhaps underage tits little tomorrow if I have a moment, I shall maybe make an enquiry. Leave it with me' and I dismissed Aziz and went back to my make-belief reading.No sooner than he had gone, I quickly opened the two catalogue to find what had taken his fancy. One slave was 6 foot 7 and the other 6 foot 8. Crickey! Good heavens, Aziz was into size! Even in their photographs they were not just big. They were huge!I took out a pad and tried to find all the common denominators finding out precisely what had caught Aziz's fancy if not the sheer height.6 foot 7 /200 cms 6 foot 8 / 203 cms Bulgarian Uzbek 28 years 27 years 120 kgs 124 kgs Cut Cut 16 cms /6.3 in flaccid 20 cms / 7.8 inches 25 cms /10 in erect underage girls undies 30 cms /11.8 inches Farm worker MechanicIt could have been any number of comparisons. I laughed at underage daddy fuck the boxes where it ticked off `Anal virgin : yes.' Anyone who would take tried a pass at either of these two would either naked underage mpeg have to have been blind, underage pussy eating pissed out his mind, or stupid, or all three.The following day after naked underage movies work, I went to al-Qatim and saw the Bulgarian. If in secret underage illegal photos he was big, in the flesh he was positively body-building-weight-lifting Olympian! He had been promised a job with a lot of money in Syria, but two full injections later and he was on his way underage asian fucking to Dahra and a life of slavedom. His private parts were so sizeable that merely just looking at them made mine shrivel into my body. The slave-dealer fondled a testicle the size of a Seville orange.The dealer said, `Would the Master like to have him brought bring him to erection?'The Master would not. The Master was in denial!The dealer said half in jest `He does not bite Master and has been well trained.'I should darn well hope he didn't bite. I should bloody well hope that he was well trained - one of his hands alone looked capable of ripping off a decent sized head.I said to the dealer that I was looking for such a slave for a friend, but if cp underage free the friend refused to take him....`Absolutely no problem, Master, I shall take him back. And may I ask how are the English russian underage teens and the Czech slaves behaving which you bought here some time back?'This was one clued-in dealer. He was referring to Ross and Jiri. I said that they were perfect illegal underage virgin for the jobs underage hand jobs which they were doing. He beamed as if he had chosen them and their jobs himself.I said that I would take the Bulgarian. The price was twenty five thousand euro and I would have a draft from the Bank sent round to him.The dealer seemed to demur for a moment as if trying to make up his mind.`Whatever and whenever it is suitable, Master. Your personal cheque is more than acceptable, even your credit card.'I looked at him in amazement. Buying a slave by credit card! Dahra had really arrived on the world trading scene. But I simply would not buy a slave with a credit card. A proper cheque, thumbnail underage yes, but a credit card, never! Next thing you know and they would be running your card through a swipe machine and underage and fingerfuck offering you an accessories catalogue! There is such a thing as propriety and a correct way of doing things, as any Englishman knows.`Master, may I offer you a 10% discount on this slave? Twenty two thousand five hundred euro.'Now I began to get a bit anxious. I looked at him in surprise as I was pulling out my personal chequebook. Dealers clip underage boys in any business do many things. One thing they don't do is offer you an after-sales-deal discount.He saw my surprise and continued, `The Master is the retrainer? Are you not? Your reputation in the handling of slaves has preceded you and we have even heard that you are helping sort out the difficulties of one of our better clients in mining.'He saw that I was about to say something negative from the look on my face.`Master, your reputation is totally private. underage teen blowjob Absolutely and totally private, but if at some future stage, I were to have a difficult slave in need of retraining -- you do see that I have over a hundred at any one time between auctions -- it would greatly relieve my disquiet and give me peace of mind that I might be able to seek your advice.'I thanked him for the discount and wrote him out the cheque.But before handing it over, I queried `such advice would rarely be sought and if given would be totally private?'His ear to ear smile as he took the cheque was his positive toplist underage pic reply apart from his `Yes, of course, underage sexsites Master.'I told him to have the underage 16yr xxx Bulgarian slave delivered to the Aloe Palace just after seven that evening and the dealer almost did underage free nudes a little dance as I went out.In the open air and out of the overwhelming size of the Bulgarian, whose name according to the file was Yedo Petrov, I actually took a deep breath when outside and felt tall again -- all six foot underage daughters fuck miserable two of me.I had my driver bring me down the coast to al-Mera and the second pro underage drinking auction rooms. I was still determined to find out for myself the determining factor of Aziz's choice.To be continued...
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